Milan Design Week 2024

Milan Design Week 2024

The Papadatos booth at the 2024 Milan Design Week featured a modern scene in muted colours, representing refinement and elegance.

Smooth volumes that seduce through the imagery they evoke, reserved and welcoming spaces for an intimist concept. The architecture of the stand refers once again to the fluidity of spaces and dwelling paths and the palette is that of earth colours, with tobacco and blue tones; the steel and the dark wood floor with touches of green suggest a sophisticated contemporaneity.
The interior design bears as always the signature of Rena Mania and the different settings for living, dining and outdoor areas suggest a complete living experience coordinated in details.

During the Milan Design Week 2024, Papadatos has been presenting product designs of three architects ; Nicola Galizia , Jacopo Giagnoni and Marian Papadatou.

N. Galizia reinforced new finishes and colours for his Couture dining collection, while Jacopo Giagnoni presented for first time at the Milan design week his Arenal modular sofa in both indoor and outdoor versions, Piere glass table in Murano type glass and the Eliot laugh chairs, while once again his past designs Moon, Upper and Petit Fleur and Pandora have been presented at new finishes and configurations. Marian Papadatou launched her new collection of tables called Etna. As their name witnesses the tables’ surface is made of volcanic lava from the homonymous volcano of Sicily refined by recycled coloured melted glass.

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