Casa Sorteo Tec

- - Papadatos

Architect Alejandro Aravena, Gonzalo Arteaga, Víctor Oddó, Diego Torres, Juan Cerda

As part of a Tec de Monterrey initiative, in 2023 the First Prize of the 213th Traditional Tec Draw is being held with a work by the Chilean architect who won the 2016 Pritzker Prize, Alejandro Aravena. Elemental House, is the second of the Houses of the 75th Anniversary of Sorteos Tec, which is celebrated this year.

This house was developed to contribute to the solidarity project of the TEC raffle. Through the sale of lottery tickets, whose first prize is a house, the Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey raises funds to grant scholarships to students who cannot pay for their studies. The TEC has done this more than 200 times so the brief has been refined to the point that we received a very precise program and a very precise area: not more than 600m2 and not less than 600m2.